Technical Advisory Board
  • Theresa Mazzullo – CEO, Excell
  • Stephen Dewhurst, Ph.D. – Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, University of Rochester
  • Albert Di Rienzo – President & CEO, Blue Highway, LLC
  • Joe Dunn, Ph.D. – Assistant to Undersecretary of Department of Agriculture
  • Duncan Moore – Professor of Optics & Vice Provost, University of Rochester
  • Rick Richmond – CEO, SiMPore
  • Tom Willett, Esq. – Partner, Harris Beach
  • Bruce Yoder – Vice President, HSBC Bank USA

In addition to this Board, Excell utilizes a broad network of scientists with expertise in diverse technologies along with business and community professionals throughout the Upstate Region to provide the due diligence for companies seeking funding.
Excell Partners, Inc.
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