Investment Criteria

While Excell’s seed investments can extend up to $250K, our typical contribution is currently about $100K in a $250 – 500K raise.  Excell frequently leads the seed investment round and actively seeks co-investors to bring the raise to the level needed to get the investee Company appropriately positioned for its Round A financing.   Our co-investors are typically Angels, other seed investors, economic development funds, and/or early stage VCs willing to invest in seed opportunities.  Our investments are typically tranched and linked to the achievement of key valuation increasing milestones.  Excell will also consider making an investment at the pre-seed stage.  Those investments may be up to $50K.

To be considered for investment, a pre-seed or seed stage company must satisfy certain criteria.  Based on the information presented to the investment committee, it must be evident that:


  • The entrepreneur has identified a significant market need.
  • The technology/product offering is the solution to the market need.
  • No one else has the solution (or there is room in the market for a few competitors).
  • The company can achieve significant revenues and the fund can achieve a reasonable return.
  • The technology is market ready or nearly market ready.
  • There is a capable team to take this forward (or the team can be properly mentored within their community).
  • The opportunity will likely be of significant interest to follow-on investors.


The case for the company must be sufficiently compelling so as to justify its selection from among the other potential candidates that may be under review during any given quarter.  

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