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Koning Corporation Rochester
CT-based medical imaging technology with applications in breast imaging, angiography and lung cancer screening.
Novomer Ithaca
Proprietary polycarbonate system for use in auto, semi-conductor and medical device industries.
Raland Therapeutics, Inc.--fka Physiologic Communications Rochester/Buffalo
Wireless defibrillation system creating true wireless bio-sensing capability for heart patients.
Tetragenetics, Inc. Ithaca
Proprietary system for recombinant protein production with applications for the production of vaccines for multiple plant, animal and human diseases.
SensiVida Medical Technologies Canandaigua
Microsystem technology that reduces the invasiveness, complexity and cost of medical tests through miniaturization and automation. Primary application: allergy test (reduces test time by 75%). Secondary application: glucose monitoring chip.
Terrenew, LLC Geneva
Developing an innovative family of green raw materials, based on lignocellulosic agri-wastes, to enhance environmental and agricultural applications including fertilizers and crop-yield improvement.
Cerebral Assessment Systems, LLC Rochester
Process technology for the evaluation of drug treatments for Alzheimer's disease and other afflictions.
LAGeT, Inc. Rochester
LAGeT (Light Activated Gene Therapy) for articular and meniscal cartilage repair, ligament and tendon healing and enhanced spinal fusion.
SpectralSight, Inc. Canandaigua
A hyperspectral imager or an enhanced visualization and analysis tool that extends sight beyond what the human eye sees in a more portable flexible form.
Diffinity Genomics Rochester
Cost effective test kits for genetic diagnostics and human genetic screening. Primary applications for prenatal and newborn screening. Secondary application for disease diagnostics (early detection). Third application for pharmacogenomics.
First Wave Products Group (fka Pill Crusher) Buffalo
An easy to use, one-button actuated, electrically operated pill crusher appliance for the consumer/home health care market.
Cerion Enterprises, LLC Rochester
Fuel borne additives providing improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and increased miles per gallon for the U.S. transportation industry.
e2e Materials, LLC Ithaca
Petroleum-free, biodegradable composites that are stronger, lighter, and less expensive than current composites for sports boards and furniture applications.
Mezmeriz Ithaca
A miniature high-definition video projection system based on proprietary new microelectronic mechanical (MEMS) mirror technology with a significantly lower cost and improved, weight, mobility and performance characteristics over existing components in rear-projection televisions, projectors and computer displays.
Adarza BioSystems, Inc. (fka: Pathologics Associates, Inc.) Rochester
Biosensing Technology: Detect-Diagnose early diagnosis of toxic exposure or disease state.
AndroBioSys, Inc. Buffalo
Contract research screening services for new drugs discovery for proprietary prostate disease targets.
Isolation Sciences Buffalo
Medical device for emergency isolation and infection control.
EET Diesel Systems, Inc. Rochester
Developing a low temperature, energy efficient, catalyst-free, non-filter diesel particulate matter removal system which offers a more effective and less expensive means of meeting the EPA's emission standards for diesel engines.
Advantage Home Telehealth, Inc. Buffalo
Chronic disease and wellness home-health monitoring through comprehensive wireless, Smartphone-centric monitoring and support solutions.
CypherWorX Rochester
E-learning management solutions that allow national training organizations to reach larger audiences, reduce the costs associated with delivering the training and improves management and tracking of the training delivered.
Graphenix Development Inc. Buffalo
An advanced materials startup, with unique capabilities of graphene synthesis, surface chemistry, graphene processing & coating technology. They've partnered with leading companies to co-develop, manufacture & market a line of proprietary graphene-enabled materials & devices targeting applications in conductive inks, energy storage & anti-corrosive coatings.
StormBlok Systems, Inc. Rochester
StormBlok offers commercial and residential hurricane protection systems. They offer unique proprietary patented solutions to protect physical assets from the wind and debris damage associated with hurricanes and high winds.
OSM Environmental Geneva
Commercializing the use of compost or other humic substances in the environmental remediation of oil or heavy metal contamination.
Advanced Fetal Monitoring LLC Syracuse
Patent pending external fetal monitor using breakthrough technology capable of revolutionizing obsetric care.
GiveGab Ithaca
Social network for volunteers. Dedicated to helping volunteers and nonprofit organizations find each other in their local communities. Find volunteer opportunities, log volunteer hours, communicate with friends and create a volunteer resume.
Pretty Padded Room NYC
An online platform that lets you connect with trained therapists online to release stress easier and faster. Since it's virtual therapy, doors are open anytime and anywhere.
Yorango Inc. Ithaca
An alternative platform to sketchy, outdated classified sites for students. Discover living spaces visually and secure a place right away.
Full Circle Feed Syracuse
Full Circle Feed uses high quality leftover people food as the primary ingredient for dog treats. There are no animal "by-products", cheap fillers, or artificial flavoring in the treats.
vitaMe Technologies Ithaca
vitaMe creates smartphone accessories to help its costumers lead healthier lives.  Our first product, the pH2 system, allows users to monitor the pH of their sweat and saliva.
MICROrganic Technologies Troy
Developing a line-replaceable product that can be utilized by waste-water treatment facilities around the country.
Advanced Feed Technologies (AFT) Geneva
Advanced Feed Technologies (AFT) owns an innovative system that allows farmers to harvest and dry raw forage material consistently, reducing harvest time and eliminating the effects of the weather. This process yields all natural feed products with 2-3x the nutritional value of its closest competitors.
SnagMobile Albany
A suite of software apps that allow customers to order concessions without having to leave their seats at sporting events.
Strong Arm Technologies Rochester
Strong Arm creates ergonomic solutions for the everyday worker. Currently establishing a product platform around the flagship product the Strong Arm lifting vest. This is a device that fosters correct lifting posture.
Sensor Films Inc. Rochester
Sensor Films Inc. has developed a breakthrough production process that produces invisible electrical circuitry on transparent films as an alternative to ITO. SFI is set to dramatically improve touch sensors that are a ubiquitous part of every smartphone and tech screen.
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